Would you be surprised to know that the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa, hides a secret?

However, the secret is not in the painting itself. Numerous analyses have been conducted, and everything there is to understand about that painting has certainly been uncovered.

Yet, there’s still something unexplained.

That smile remains not completely understood. Lisa Gherardini, the woman depicted in the painting… her face made famous and immortal by the renowned artwork. Behind that smile, she conceals a personal, dramatic event: the loss of a child.

A terrible event that perhaps goes unnoticed today, 500 years later, but was certainly a dominant event in the life of the Mona Lisa during her time.

It was the discovery of this fact that led Alex to ponder for a long time about the creation of a new painting.

What would her face look like? What would her features be if she were alive?

This series of questions was the foundation of the investigation that culminated in the painting created in 2023.

In this video, Stacy talks about how she witnessed its creation, sharing the design process and the emotion involved.

Here’s the content of the video.

Introduction to the Project
Stacy Francis speaks about her privilege of interviewing Alex before he starts painting.

Artistic Inspiration and Process
Discussion on the emotional impact of Alex’s paintings and Stacy’s honor in being part of the process.

Concept of Mona Lisa’s Daughter
Stacy asks Alex about his thoughts and feelings before starting the project, focusing on its connection to the Mona Lisa.

Alex’s Renaissance Influence
Stacy talks about Alex’s Italian heritage and his inspiration from Renaissance artists.

Creation of the Modern Mona Lisa Story

Discussion on developing a modern-day version of the Mona Lisa story and the discovery of the Mona Lisa having a baby.

The Tribute Piece and Artistic Details

Stacy explains the concept of the tribute piece to Mona Lisa’s child, discussing the painting’s colors and symbolism.

Alex Righetto’s Artistic Journey and Impact

Stacy expresses her admiration for Alex Righetto’s work and her pride in being part of the project.